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Eye Balm
  • Eye Balm
  • Eye Balm


Organic Eye Moisturizing Balm with a Unique Blend of Botanical Oils and Herbal Extracts.

Special botanical oils and herbal extracts in this formulation help repair dry skin around the eye area. This blend has anti-inflammatory properties to help revive puffy and tired eyes while visibly firms the skin and restore elasticity.

Castor Oil: rich in triglycerides and fatty acids, castor oil is an excellent emollient leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Marlua Oil: light emollient excellent for sensitive skin.

Organic Cranberry Oil: omega-3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids and is rich in vitamin A, tocopherols, tocotrienols, phytosterols and phospholipids. These properties make cranberry oil an excellent moisturizer and works to improve long term skin condition.

Rose Hip Oil:  is a premium moisturizer, leaves the skin soft, smooth and hydrated. It has been shown to improve the appearance of aging skin and is ideal for distressed and/or sensitive skin.

Ingredients: *castor oil, marlua oil, *cranberry oil, *rose hip oil, castor wax, herbal extracts, vitamin E, *lavender essential oil     

*denotes organic

.05 fl. oz.  (1.45mL)

Free of sulfates, silicone, paraben, phthalates, dyes and mineral oil. 

Gluten free | Vegan | Organic | Cruelty Free

Eye Balm




*castor oil, marlua oil,*cranberry oil,*rosehip oil, castor wax, herbal extracts , vitamin E, *lavender essential oil *denotes organic

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