Solluni was created by Eunhee Kim as a way to address the lack of wellness products in the salon environment and beauty industry. She noticed she had sensitivity to the products she was using in the salon environment, and began researching natural alternatives. The use of harsh and often toxic products in a salon environment, as well as her unique upbringing, lead to the creation of the Solluni brand.

Eunhee was born in Seoul South Korea. While in Korea, she was raised by her grandmother. She watched her grandmother cure herbs for healing and medicinal purposes. Eunhee saw firsthand the benefit of using plants and herbs to heal and cure people. These early impressions of healing stayed with Eunhee and gave her the inspiration to study natural alternatives to hair and skin care.

After establishing her career as a successful hairdresser, she began to research alternatives to the harsh and often toxic products she was using on her clients. Eunhee taught herself herbology and chemistry. She began to focus exclusively on natural remedies and botanicals used to heal and rejuvenate the skin and hair. Her unique formulations had results that were better than that of traditional salon products. Knowing that she was studying natural remedies, clients often asked about remedies for burns, bruises, and other injuries to the skin. She continued her formulations and shared products that she had formulated for her own use. Her products began improving the client’s hair and skin, and what Eunhee calls ‘restoring their natural beauty’. Through this Eunhee was able to dramatically help others. Clients reported results that exceeded their expectations and noticed drastic improvement in their skin and hair.

Inspired by the impact she was making with her own clients; she became passionate about sharing her knowledge and creations with others. The product line was then born and she established Solluni, a beauty line of products made with the highest quality ingredients available. Her products are free of unnecessary fillers, highly concentrated and formulated with natural botanicals. They are also all vegan, gluten-free and made with organic ingredients.