Why Sulfates, Silicone, Paraben, Phthalates, Dyes and Mineral Oil Should Be Avoided.

Why Sulfates, Silicone, Paraben, Phthalates, Dyes and Mineral Oil Should Be Avoided.

Explaining our ‘Free Of’ Terms

Solluni products are all vegan, cruelty free, made with organic ingredients and free of toxic chemicals. If you take a minute to look at our labels, our products are free of sulfates, silicone, paraben, phthalates, dyes and mineral oils. It is important to us that you understand why the Solluni line does not use any of these ingredients. So, here is a quick break down on what those ingredients are and why the Solluni line has decided to exclude them from all of our formulations. 

What We Exclude from All Our Formulas

Sulfates: are petroleum-based products that give lather to ingredients. Sulfates can irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs. They may also be contaminated with carcinogens from the manufacturing process. Sulfates are tested on animals, associated with climate change, pollution and greenhouse gases.

Silicone: prevents additional moisture from getting into your skin, creating an effective barrier. However, the materials in silicone can dehydrate your pores and disrupt your skin's natural renewal processes. Additionally, silicone can clog pores, leaving you with dull, dry, congested skin. 

Parabens: are able to fully penetrate the skin and remain within tissue. Parabens cause skin irritation, inflammation and can cause rashes/burning sensations on skin. They disrupt hormone function by mimicking estrogen.  Paraben use has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.

Phthalates: are chemicals that are considered probable disruptors of the human reproductive and endocrine system. Phthalates cause reproductive birth defects in laboratory animals.

Dyes: can cause allergic reactions and clog your pores. They have no beneficial properties so we have excluded them from our skin care and hair care lines. 

Mineral Oil: is a petroleum byproduct created from gasoline production. Mineral oil creates a barrier on the skin that can trap debris and bacteria on the skin's surface. It is not biodegradable and offers no benefit to the skin. 

We truly want to honor our customers by providing safe, effective, cruelty free formulations for all of our products. We are always keeping up with the latest research on skin and hair care. Our commitment to you is to offer the best skin and hair care on the market that you can feel good about using. 

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