3 Steps: Caring for Your Hair as Summer Ends

3 Steps: Caring for Your Hair as Summer Ends

Caring for Your Hair as Summer Ends

Summer is drenched in sunshine, outdoor adventures, and hot humid days.  We run around endlessly. We use extra products to keep the frizz away when the humidity is high. When we lounge at the pool or swim in the ocean, our hair comes along with us. We twist it, pull it, scrunch it, spray it and try to tame it through the summer season. From the sun exposure, humidity and extra product use, most of us create dryness and damage to our locks. So in honor of the change of the seasons, we are sharing our favorite tips to restore, strengthen and nourish your hair so you can go into the fall with fresh healthy hair. 

Step 1: Start with a Deep Cleanse

Chlorine, hair care products, and sun exposure all dull and damage your hair. To get a fresh start, start your hair restorative routine with a deep cleanse. For a at home treatment, add about 2T of baking soda to your favorite sulfate-free, silicone-free shampoo. This will remove any build up from your hair. Use this treatment once a month as you notice your hair becomes dull or weighted down.

TIP: Stay away from hair products with silicone and sulfates. Silicone builds up on the hair and sulfates strip the hair. You can use this baking soda with any of our shampoos or try our Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

Step 2: Hydrate

After you have cleansed away all the debris that has built up on your hair, it is time for a deep moisture treatment. Here is a quick natural home remedy to help restore the luster and moisture to your hair. Avocado Oil is great for your hair, so go ahead and purchase some from the store. Put a few tablespoons of avocado oil on your dry hair, combing it through to the ends. Let the avocado oil sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. After you have let the oil sit, shampoo with your favorite sulfate-free, silicone-free shampoo and you will have great moisture and shine. 

TIP: Regardless of your hair type, all hair needs quality moisturizing. We offer an amazing Hyaluronic Acid Hair Mask that restores and nourishes your hair. Come into our salon for the treatment. If you aren't local, we will have our salon quality home treatment for sale in September!!

Step 3: Refresh Your Color & Cut

Your hair color fades in the summer and often you are so busy zooming around, you end up neglecting your trims. We always recommend a quality trim and a refresh on your color to bring back your depth and clean up the tattered ends.

TIP: Adding lowlights if you are too blonde or deepening your brunette adds richness and tone to your hair, restoring the dimension. Fall is a great time to ensure your hair tone is full of dimension and recover your color from the lightening effects of the summer season. 

Need Help? Come See Us

Solluni is here to help you. We offer natural, vegan, cruelty free hair care that has been carefully formulated to restore your hair to it's natural beauty. Along with our amazing hair care products, we have a salon located in the Baltimore Area. We can help you pick the perfect products, give you amazing color and trim your hair in a beautiful and flattering style. Call us today. (410)-413-6850.




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